Program Development

Co-developed fully online Masters in Law (LLM) program, including:

  • coordination with additional program developers and subject matter experts to create all synchronous and asynchronous program components, including course design, program- and course-level learning outcomes, syllabi, assignments, assessments and alignment, grading rubrics and student evaluations;
  • recruitment and training of nationwide adjunct teaching faculty on learning management system and online-teaching best practices; and
  • obtaining all university, state, and federal regulatory approvals.

Course Development

Worked with subject-matter experts to translate all course components for the online classroom for Wake Forest University School of Law’s Master of Studies in Law.

Developed fully synchronous, asynchronous, and flipped classroom Professional Responsibility course, a required law school ethics course, including course design, course-level learning outcomes, syllabi, formative and summative assessments, and alignment. Materials available here.

Developed blended-online version of Cross-Profession Ethics, the first course of its kind, which focuses on contemporary ethical questions in the practice of law and compares the ethics of the legal profession with other professions.

Co-developer and instructional designer, for Copyright for K-12 Educators, an asynchronous professional development course for K12 teachers, for LearnNC.

Developed unauthorized practice of law module for non-licensure track law school students. Sample infographic course component available here.


Taught Professional Responsibility and Cross Profession Ethics in the following formats:

  • fully-synchronously online, using Cisco’s WebEx Training Center platform;
  • fully-asynchronously online, using a blend of tools, including Thomson Reuters’ TWEN platform, Screencast-O-Matic, and Adobe Captivate;
  • blended online, using synchronous and asynchronous components;
  • blended classroom, including using a flipped class model; and
  • a traditional face-to-face, in-person classroom.

eLearning Tutorials and Tools

Mutli-module Web-based tutorial for The West Education Network (TWEN), the leading law school course management system from Thomson Reuters.

Google Apps tutorial series for Wake Forest University Information Systems faculty and staff training library.

Understanding eLearning and EdTech terms video tutorial.

Informational videos on the benefits of the online classroom and teaching in flipped classroom.

Other Experience

Co-author for Professional Responsibility: A Contemporary Approach (3d, forthcoming 2017), a West Academic Publishing Interactive Casebook, available in multiple digital expressions.

Administrator and contributor for the Professional Responsibility: A Contemporary Approach textbook companion blog and website, which focuses oninnovative materials and real-time resources for teaching and learning.

Developed learning objectives, in collaboration with subject-matter expert, for leading undergraduate business law textbook.

Hosted multiple instructional webinars on various video conferencing and learning management system platforms.